BBA | Bachelor in Business Administration

Program Outline

SEMESTER-1 15 credit hours

1. FO-111: Business Mathematics

2. FO-112: English

3. FO-113: Business Economics

4. MGT-114: Financial Accounting-I

5. MGT-115: Principles of Management


SEMESTER-2 15 credit hours

6. FO -121: Business Communications

 7. FO -122: Macro Economic Analysis and Policy

8. FO -123: Business Statistics

9. MGT-124: Principles of Marketing

10. MGT-125: Financial Accounting-II

SEMESTER-3 15 credit hours

11. MGT-131: Cost and Management Accounting

12. MGT-132: Business Finance

13. MGT-133: Database Management System

14. MGT-134: Marketing Management

15. MGT-135: Business Environment of Nepal

SEMESTER-4 15 credit hours

16. MGT-141: Business Law

17. MGT-142: Financial Management

18. MGT-143: Taxation and Auditing

19. MGT-144: Human Resource Management

20. MGT-145: Quantitative Techniques for Business Sem-5 15 credit hours

21. MGT-151: Research Methodology and Report Writing

22. MGT-152: Production and Operations Management

23. MGT-153: Banking and Insurance

24. MGT-154: Project Management

25. MGT-155: Organizational Behavior

SEMESTER-6 15 credit hours

26. MGT-161: Management Information System (MIS)

27. MGT-162: Public Finance

28. MGT-163: Total Quality Management

29. MGT-164: Tourism Management

30. MGT-165: Entrepreneurship Development

SEMESTER-7 15 credit hours

31. MGT-171: Supply Chain Management (2 Cr)

32. MGT-172: E-commerce (2 Cr.)

33. MGT- 173: Internship (5 Cr.)

34. XXX-171: Specialization-1

35. XXX-172: Specialization-2

 SEMESTER-8 15 credit hours

36. CAP-181: International Business

37. CAP-182: Strategic management

38. XXX-183: Specialization-3

39. XXX-184: Specialization-4

40. XXX-185 OR XXX-186: Specialization-5

Specialization area Marketing (Any Five)


1. MKT-171: Specialization 1-Consumer Behavior

2. MKT-172: Specialization 2-Advertising and Sales promotion

Sem-8 (Any Three)

3. MKT-183: Specialization 3-Sales and Distribution management

4. MKT-184: Specialization 4-Marketing of Services

5. MKT-185: Specialization 5-Brand Management OR

6. MKT-186: Specialization 5-Retail Management Finance (Any Five) Sem- 7

1. FIN-171: Specialization 1-Capital Structures

2. FIN-172: Specialization 2-Working capital Management

SEMESTER-8 (Any Three)

3. FIN-183: Specialization 3-Financial Institutions and Market

4. FIN-184: Specialization 4-Financial Derivatives and Risk Management

5. FIN-185: Specialization 5-Capital Investment and Financing Decisions

 OR 6. FIN-186: Specialization 5-Security Analysis and Portfolio Management HRM (Any Five) Sem-7

1. HRM-171: Specialization 1- Designing and Managing HR system

2. HRM-172: Specialization 2- Training and Development

SEMESTER-8 (Any Three)

 3. HRM-183: Specialization 3-Organization Development

4. HRM-184: Specialization 4-Leadership and Team Building

5. HRM-185: Specialization 5-Industrial Relations OR 6. HRM-186: Specialization 5- Conflict management and negotiation

International Business (Any Five) Sem-7

1. IBM-171: Specialization 1-International Marketing 2. IBM-172: Specialization 2-International Finance SEMESTER-8 (Any Three)

3. IBM-183: Specialization 3-Cross-cultural negotiations

 4. IBM-184: Specialization 4-Export Promotion Management

5. IBM-185: Specialization 5-Forex Management OR 6. IBM-186: Specialization 5-Foreign Language (Any one UN language except English)

Accounting (Any Five) Sem-7

1. ACN- 171: Specialization 1-Advanced Cost Accounting

2. ACN-172: Specialization 2-Advanced Management Accounting

SEMESTER-8(Any Three)

3. ACN-183: Specialization 3-Taxation Practices in Nepal

4. ACN-184: Specialization 4-Auditing

5. ACN-185: Specialization 5-Budgeting

OR 6. ACN-186: Specialization 5-Company Accounts

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