BHM | Bachelor in Hotel Management

Program Outline

Year One
SEMESTER I / 18 Credit Hours
BHM/101 : Fundamentals of  Travel and Tourism
BHM/102 : Food and Beverage Service-I               
BHM/103 : Food Production and Patisserie-I
BHM/104 : Housekeeping-I        
BHM/105 : English for Hospitality-I          
BHM/106 : Principles of Management
SEMESTER II / 18 Credit Hours
BHM/201 : Food and Beverage Service-II             
BHM/202 : Food Production and Patisserie-II     
BHM/203 : Housekeeping-II       
BHM/204 : English for Hospitality-II         
BHM/205 : Principles of Accounting        
BHM/206 : Nutrition   
Year Second
SEMESTER III / 18 Credit Hours
BHM/301 : Front Office Operation           
BHM/302 : Food and Beverage Service-III            
BHM/303 : Food Production and Patisserie-III    
BHM/304 : Hotel Accounting      
BHM/305 : Food Science
BHM/306 : Hotel French-I        
SEMESTER IV / 18 Credit Hours  
BHM/401 : Front Office Management    
BHM/402 : Food and Beverage Management-I
BHM/403 : Food Production and Patisserie-IV
BHM/404 : Economies of Tourism            
BHM/405 : Hotel French-II          
BHM/406 : Statistics   
Year Three
SEMESTER V  / 15 Credit Hours
BHM/501 : Food Production and Patisserie-V
BHM/502 : Food and Beverage Management-II
BHM/503 : Computer Application            
BHM/504 : Hospitality Law          
BHM/505 : Anthropology and Sociology of Tourism
BHM/506/EL : Elective I
SEMESTER VI / 15 Credit Hours
BHM/601 : Food Production and Patisserie-VI
BHM/602 : Food and Beverage Management-III
BHM/603 : Human Resource Management         
BHM/604 : Hotel Engineering and Maintenance
BHM/605 : Hospitality Marketing             
BHM/606 : Research Methodology 
Year Four
SEMESTER VII / 18 Credit Hours
BHM/705 : Industrial Training (Internship)           
                Duration of the Training will be six months
                (one whole Semester) in all major four                  Departments of the Hotel                    
SEMESTER VIII/ 18 Credit Hours
BHM/801 : Bar & Beverage Management             
BHM/802 : Food and Beverage Cost Control       
BHM/803 : Organization Behavior            
BHM/804 : Thesis Writing            
BHM/805/ELE01/ELE02 : Elective II  

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