Academic Director – Kantipur International College Management

College of Engineering

Academic Director

Greetings to all

I am delighted to welcome you to KIC an institution dedicated to provide quality education since last 20 years. We are recognized as a leader institution in teaching and learning, student relationships and wellbeing. The main focus of the institution is to empower students with sound knowledge, wisdom, experience and training both at the academic level of management and engineering in the highly competitive global industrial market. The infrastructure facilities combined with a galaxy of competent, talented and dedicated faculty contribute to an enjoyable and an easy learning experience.

Your power to choose the direction of your life allows you to reinvent yourself, to change your future, and to powerfully influence the rest. Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn to live in very crucial situation like pandemic and change. You are the “Change” to yourself and your future.


We feel proud to be connected with diverse people that would have helped us to retrain ourselves adopting the dynamism of the technology to meet and sustain with the international standard. However, KIC has offered various education platforms like management, hospitality industry & engineering, with limited boat of engineering education, viz. Civil Engineering and Architecture. We don’t teach only the syllabus; we drag people towards professionalism. KIC provides opportunities to learn the subject matters as formal education of your interest and consequently let you chance to reform on moral ground.


Since last ten years, two academic courses have been running in this college under science and technology stream B.E. Civil & B. Arch in affiliation to Purbanchal University. We feel very  privilege to note here that all passed graduates civil engineers and architects from our guidance have immensely contributed to serve the nation building in various capacities by providing intellect talent possessing latest analytical, design, practical and managerial skills through government, private, public, NGOS & INGOS sectors.


Being successful prestigious leaders in Bachelors program in science and technology stream, the college is also coordinating with university and council for providing Masters Level of courses in Hydropower Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Construction Management. These masters level key programs will let to develop high level skillful research oriented resources that can critically analyzed and solved the present crisis in social adaptation with technological reform.


The college envisages you with a balanced education based several intellectuals, social, physical and moral formation. During the college life, we believe you have been provided with the necessary tools, academics, moral and spiritual values to face the challenges of both internal and external environment, and the effective use of these tools will definitely make the road smooth to achieve your career goals efficiently.  We commit to keep struggling because it is a struggle itself that will make you more flexible, noble and will add more beauty to your life and achievements.

Ultimately these will let you go towards the direction you choose for future aspects.  We wish you all reach the fullness of your life, may achieve all your dreams and make a mark in the world as choosing a member of KIC family for pursuing your higher studies. With us you all go forth and embrace your future with open arms, and enthusiastically pursue your own life- journey of dreams and ambitions. The knowledge and skills gained with us assist you to render dedicated service to humanity and your vital contribution to the development of society.

We prepare our students as “No need to knock the door of opportunity, opportunity knocks at your door”.


In my last note KIC is very friendly college and is equipped with state-of-art well equipped laboratories and libraries to assist students in attaining highest standards in academics, research and professional skills. The college also has adequate sports infrastructure for recreational activities.

I wish you a very happy and academically highly rewarding student life in KIC and believe you with your good deeds will enhance the pride and prestige of this college.


Thank you for believing us to build yourself.