BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration – Kantipur International College Management

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of business administration (BBA) is practical based full time management programme of Purbanchal University of 120 credit hours. BBA consists eight semester completed in four academic years. Students have option to specialize in the subject of their choice and have to go through intensive internship in the seventh semester. The objective of the course is to produce global standard middle level manager & entrepreneurs with new insight and high morale to challenge needs of 21st century. As BBA is business focused, the skills needed for business management are imparted during the course.

BBA program aims to provide an active learning environment that fosters and sustains our students growth  in professional competence, boarder skills, poise and values essential for responsible citizens and leaders in the local business community and beyond.


Curricular Structure (Bachelor of Business Administration –     120 Credit Hrs.)


Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
First Semester English I 3
Microeconomics 3
Business Mathematics 3
Financial Accounting and Analysis 3
Fundamentals of Management 3
Total Credit Hrs. 15
Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Second Semester English II 3
Macroeconomics 3
Statistics for Business Decisions 3
Cost and Management Accounting 3
Introduction to Marketing 3
Total Credit Hrs. 15



Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Third Semester Nepalese Business Environment I 3
Quantitative Techniques for Management 3
Human Resource Management 3
IT Tools for Business 3
The legal aspect of Business 3
Total Credit Hrs. 15



Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Fourth Semester Nepalese Business Environment II 3
Production Management 3
Financial Management 3
Introduction to Spreadsheets and Data Visualization 3
Taxation and Auditing 3
Total Credit Hrs. 15


Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Fifth Semester Project Management 3
Banking and Insurance 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Organization Behavior and Business Ethics 3
Database Management 3
Total Credit Hrs. 15



Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Sixth Semester Total Quality Management 3
Research Methodology and Report Writing 3
Corporate Governance 2
Social Media Marketing 2
Management Information System 3
Total Credit Hrs. 13



Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Seventh Semester Supply Chain Management 2
Digital Business 2
International Business 3
Internship 5
Specialization I 3
Specialization II 3
Total Credit Hrs. 18



Semester Course Title Credit Hrs.
Eighth Semester Strategic Management 3
Blockchain AI in Business 2
Specialization III 3
Specialization IV 3
Specialization V 3
Total Credit Hrs. 14



Specialization Area (Any One)


Marketing (Any 5)

Specialization 1-Consumer Behavior Specialization 2-Advertising and Sales promotion


Specialization 3-Sales and Distribution management Specialization 4-Marketing of Services Specialization 5-Brand Management or Specialization 5-Retail Management


Finance (Any 5)

Specialization 1-Capital Structures Specialization 2-Working Capital Management

Specialization 3-Financial Institutions and Market Specialization 4-Financial Derivatives and Risk Management Specialization 5-Capital Investment and Financing Decisions or Specialization 5-Security Analysis and Portfolio Management


Human Resource Management (Any 5) Specialization 1- Designing and Managing HR system Specialization 2- Training and Development Specialization 3-Organization Development Specialization 4-Leadership and Team Building Specialization 5-Industrial Relations

Specialization 5- Conflict management and negotiation


Accounting (Any 5)

Specialization 1-Advanced Cost Accounting Specialization 2-Advanced Management Accounting Specialization 3-Taxation Practices in Nepal Specialization 4-Auditing

Specialization 5-Budgeting Specialization 5-Company Accounts


International Business (Any 5) Specialization 1-International Marketing Specialization 2-International Finance Specialization 3-Cross-cultural negotiations

Specialization 4-Export Promotion Management Specialization 5-Forex Management

Specialization 5-Foreign Language (Any one UN language except English)