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MBA – Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) master level business degree designed to equip graduates with sophisticated and knowledge across the business disciplines MBA program of individuals an opportunity to develop corporate leadership ability in an increasingly dynamic global society by enhancing their knowledge managerial skills and personality development. The program is designed for graduate level students who wish to achieve an entry, qualification and credit towards MBA program.
The program also appeals to individuals with experience and management skills which raise awareness to the knowledge of Business Management foundations control of business decision-making advanced functional skill and the global ethical environment of business Students also develop skills using appropriate technology for analysis: and communication

Curricular Structure

The MBA program has been designed of 70 credit) hours with 26 course components including internship project or thesis. The beauty of MBA of Purbanchal University is its course on seminar series from 2nd to 4th semester. There will be two non-credit courses for non-management background students Each course component has a weight of 2 or 3 credit hours requiring a minimum of 32 of 48 direct class contact hours per semester & 5 credit hours for internship or thesis The course structure of the program is as follows.
MBA Course – cycle
Total No. of Courses -26
Total Credit Hour-70
Non Credit Course for Non Management Background Students (Extensive Classes for 15 Days)
NC-1: Qualitative Skills for Business Studies
NC -2: Accounting Knowledge for Managers

Semester Cycle MBA Course-cycle
FO-511 Quantitative Skills for Business Study
FO-512 Managerial Communications
FO-513 Managerial Economics and Decision Making
FO-514 Legal Environment of Business
CO-515 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Skills
CO-516 Marketing for Managers
CO-517 Financial Accounting
Semester- 2
CO-521 Management Accounting
CO-522 Macro Economics and Policy Making
CO-523 Financial Management and Analys
CO-524 Operations Management
CO-525 Human Resource Management
CO-526 Business Research
SE-521 Seminar Series I (By College)
CO-531 Management Information System & E-commerce
CO-532 Organization Change and Design
CO-533 Entrepreneurship
SE-531 Seminar Series II (By College)
XX-531 Specialization I
XX-532 Specialization  II
Financial Management
Specialization -I FN-531 Financial Theory and Corporate Policy
Specialization-II FN-532 Capital Structure Management
Marketing Management
Specialization-I MK-531 Consumer Behavior
Specialization- II MK-532 Marketing Research
Human Resource Management
Specialization-I HR 531 Human Resource Planning and Development
Specialization-II HR 532 Industrial labor and Managerial Relations
Sem-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)
CA-541 Strategic Management
CA-542 International Business
XX-54x Specialization III
XX-54x Specialization IV
XX-54x Specialization V Seminar (By College)
IN- Internship / Thesis
Financial Management
Semester-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)
Specialization III FN-543 Security Analysis and Investment Management
Specialization IV FN-545 Financial Derivatives and Engineering
Special Seminar TN-547. Seminar on Finance (by College)
Marketing Management
Semester-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)
Specialization III MK-544 Sales and Distribution Management
Specialization IV MC 546 Advertising Management
Specialization  Seminar MK 547 Seminar Marketing ( By College)
Human Resource Management
Semester-4 (Any Two and Seminar Course)
Specialization III HR-543 Compensation Management
Specialization IV HR 546 Strategic Human Resource Management
Specialization  Seminar HR 547 Seminar on HRM ( By College)

(Note: The College Provides specializations on only two courses)