Message from Principal – Kantipur International College Management

Message from Principal

Dear Student

It’s a great pleasure for me to thank you for showing your interest at KIC for perusing higher academic degree. We proudly introduce you a broad range of courses on leadership in management, creativity on the work assigned and entrepreneurship on corporate world with equal emphasis on ethics and morale required for professionalism and social responsibility.

We focus on creativity, expertise and confidence that adore professional and inter personal development. In additional, our innovative techniques in teaching learning environment help you to adapt with the changeable nature of hospitality and business industries. As a result, a number of graduates from KIC are selected in the job market & have proved excellence of our education system.We have seen the potential students recognizing KIC at top priority for perusing their study. Selecting KIC is joining a team of committed, experienced professionals dedicated to develop future leaders, managers and entrepreneurs and in a team of self motivated students thriving for becoming successful managers and entrepreneurs’ .The combination of our attempt on constant improvement of the institution and years of experience in the field of education is what the students can benefit from. Hence to make your dream come true with the endless joint effort with the KIC team, we would like to welcome you to choose KIC successful career.

Under the KIC system, students of all disciplines can value the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences at the college premises adhering to a context of cultural and social diversity. We are determined that our student will received the highest quality of teaching and support that will help achieve excellent results. We set high standards and have high expectations on you that you work hard abiding by the learner contract. We equally respect your views and opinions on improving the skills required for the successful completion of the course enrolled. Our expectation is that you will achieve higher level of skills and attitude needed for the professional enhancement. Whatever disciplines you choose; we would like to wish every success on your future career.