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MHHM – Master of Hotel & Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry needs innovative leaders who can guide and flourish the industry forward amidst an ever-evolving set of challenges, from expanding customer segments to emerging trends and brand saturation Master of Hotel and Hospitality Management (MHHM) is an intensive four-semester hospitality-focused graduate business management course designed to prepare graduates to face such challenges in more creative and efficient way. It focuses those aspiring individuals, seeking to achieve their management potential to stand out from the crowd to lead, Like MBA, the MHHM prepares students to be theory-based, action-oriented leaders of executive management teams and entrepreneurial ventures. MHHM graduates are corporate directors, managers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, developers. analysts and consultants of hotels, resorts, restaurants, and spas. The course also provides the graduates the opportunity in teaching career at recognized hospitality/ hotel management and tourism institutions.
With its blend of experiential learning, management theory and strategy, the hotel management courses are challenging and exciting opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow in hospitality management. Students add benefit from guest lectures, practical input and industry-driven content, confirming importance Master degree program for the hospitality industry. Masters of Hotel & Hospitality Management could set you apart, the most pressing issues for future hospitality managers, inspiration for your future.

Semester I
MHHM 111 Tourism and Hospitality Management
MHHM 112 Hospitality Logistic Management
MHHM 113 Management information System
MHHHM 114 Hospitality Facility Planning and Development
MHHM 115 Entrepreneurship Development
MHHM 121 Managerial Accounting for Hospitality
MHHM 122 Hospitality Sales & Marketing Management
MHHM 123 Organization Behavior
MHHM 124 Tourism Economics
MHHM 125 Hospitality & Business Law
Semester III
MHHM 131 Research Methodology
MHHM 132 Leadership Management in Hospitality MHHM 133 Planning & Policy in Tourism & Hospitality
MHHM 134 Seminar in Hospitality Management
MHHM 135 Hospitality Human Resource Management
MHHM 136-1 Product Innovation & Development
MHHM 136-2 Hospitality Safety & Security Management
MHHM 141 Strategic Management
MHHM 142 Total Quality Management in Hospitality
MHHM 143-1 Resort & Destination Development
MHHM 143-2 Hotel Maintenance & Property Management
MHHM 144 Thesis or Internship (for weeks
MHHM 145 Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Mont
Foundation Course (Non-Credit)
Front Office Management
House Keeping Management
Food & Beverage Service
■ Food Production)