Empowering Educators: One-Day Workshop on Formulating Course Plan & Lesson Plan at Kantipur International College – Kantipur International College Management

Published on September 28, 2023

    In a concerted effort to bolster the teaching capabilities of educators, Kantipur International College orchestrated a highly enlightening one-day workshop centered around “Formulating Course Plan & Lesson Plan.” The event, held on September 28, 2023, witnessed enthusiastic participation from educators and academicians across various departments, all eager to refine their teaching methodologies.

The workshop was graced by the eminent presence of Prof. Dr. Shyam Bahadur Katuwal, a distinguished luminary in the realm of education, bringing with him a wealth of experience in curriculum development and pedagogy. Dr. Katuwal, widely recognized for his profound contributions to educational research, imparted invaluable insights and strategies for the effective structuring of course and lesson plans.

Throughout the workshop, participants actively engaged in dynamic discussions, interactive sessions, and compelling presentations aimed at honing their skills in crafting comprehensive course plans and engaging lesson plans. Dr. Katuwal underscored the significance of aligning course objectives with learning outcomes and customizing lesson plans to cater to diverse learning styles.

The event served as a fertile ground for educators to exchange ideas, disseminate best practices, and collaborate on cutting-edge teaching approaches. Attendees were encouraged to actively partake in hands-on activities, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the course and lesson planning process.

“The workshop was an eye-opener,” expressed faculty member Shiva Prasad Jaishi, a participant from the Management department. “Dr. Katuwal’s expertise and the interactive format of the workshop made complex concepts easy to grasp. I feel more confident in structuring my courses and lessons effectively.”

Kantipur International College stands as a pioneering institution committed to providing quality education across various disciplines. With a steadfast dedication to academic excellence and innovative teaching practices, the college endeavors to nurture future leaders and professionals.