Neelima Pradhan Secures First Position and Shrija Acharya Emerges as Second Runner-Up in All National Interior Design Competition by Asia Paint Kaleidoscope From BID Eight Semester of Kantipur International College.. – Kantipur International College Management

Published on August 28, 2023

In a remarkable display of creativity and talent, Neelima Pradhan claimed the coveted first position while Shrija Acharya secured the impressive second runner-up spot in the prestigious All-National Interior Design Competition organized by Asia Paint Kaleidoscope.

The competition, which drew interior design enthusiasts and professionals from across the nation, showcased an array of innovative concepts and designs that left the judging panel astounded. Neelima Pradhan’s exceptional vision and meticulous execution not only earned her the top spot but also highlighted her mastery in blending aesthetics with functionality. Her winning design struck a perfect balance between modern trends and timeless elegance, earning her the admiration of both judges and fellow contestants.

Shrija Acharya, the second runner-up, demonstrated a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to transform spaces into captivating experiences. Her design not only showcased a deep understanding of color psychology and spatial arrangement but also reflected her dedication to pushing the boundaries of conventional design norms.

The Asia Paint Kaleidoscope competition, known for its rigorous judging criteria and high standards, serves as a platform to celebrate the best in interior design innovation. Contestants are required to demonstrate their proficiency in various aspects of design, including space planning, material selection, and conceptualization.

The winners were chosen after a meticulous evaluation process that took into consideration the creativity, originality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of their designs. The event was attended by the Education Minister, industry experts, fellow designers, and design enthusiasts, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and learning.

Neelima Pradhan’s and Shrija Acharya’s achievements stand as a testament to their dedication, passion, and exceptional skills in the field of interior design. Their success not only brings honor to themselves but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring designers to push their boundaries and strive for excellence.

As the winners bask in their well-deserved recognition, the world eagerly anticipates witnessing the impact of their creativity in shaping future interior design trends.