"Where Skill Showers"

Shrija Acharya

BID 3rd Semester

Passion into Profession

I am Shrija Acharya, currently studying Bachelor of Interior Designing (BID) in Kantipur International College. Art and Design are more like a part of me. I am a freelancer first. Someone who grew up dreaming to be a creative individual. I always had this vision of myself with my paint brushes and my thoughts that could change the way people looked at themselves. I believe everyone is god gifted. Everyone has their passion, their talents where they are best among all. We all just require something that brings us to know ourselves better. Art has worked as a spiritual awakening for me. I was passionate for art since my childhood. Everybody knew me as the shy girl who drew nice. A day came with I knew I wanted to be more than an artist. Near to my grade 8, I made a decision to myself that I had a one more dream to accomplish. Then I dreamed of being Interior Design.

My hunger for my dream drove me here. The shy girl who feared life ran more closer to what she aimed for. The day I joined KIC, I could see my dream fulfilling. I always had this answers ready whenever someone asked me what I wanted to be, I always said I want to convert my passion into my profession. My college has given me opportunity to clear my visions towards my dream. KIC has helped me to know to designing world better. KIC has showed me the path way to my dreams and now its my job to walk smoothly.

Alisha Shrestha

BHCM 5th Semester

It’s me Alisha Shrestha. I am from Hetauda. I am currently studying Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Management (BHCM) in Kantipur International College. As everyone has aim to become something in their life but I was aimless person. I had no idea what I wanted to be in future. I just thought that I will go with the flow. But after SLC I joined intermediate level then I choose Hotel Management subject. I had no idea, no sense that where it will take to me. However, I have strong desire to do everything passionately. Days passed and the eagerness towards this industry had increased day by day. I had came to know that this industry had wide scope not only national but also internationally.

After I completed my intermediate, I visited Kathmandu for further study, that moment become more vague to me because there were so many top colleges for BHM. And I choose KIC because it is one of the top college which has 17 years of excellence. I hoped that it will provide me a good education as well as to be a professional. Days passed and guess what I became the topper of my batch and I felt so happy. The things I liked the most about my college is it not only focused on academic but also practically too. KIC have shown me a right path and also made me realized where I should be. KIC has given me a clear sight and opportunity to uplift my carrier to the next level and also help me to be professional.

My motto in life is “GO BIG OR GO HOME”. So, I just want to say to my friend or my junior that never feel afraid to see the big dream. No one can stop you if you want to be success in your life. Everyday is yours and its never too late to start a good things in life. Just do the things which makes you happy and what you want to be. Whatever you do. Just do it passionately.